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NEWS in 2014 from summer camp -

Iaido Summer Camp Test Results

Congratulations to Chris Heitman who passed his Shodan (1st DAN black belt) test at the 2014 Iaido Summer Camp in upstate New York in August.

Chris joins the growing list of Black Belts in our Iaido program, which includes Erich Dehaven (Nidan 2010), John McGee (Shodan), Casey Crane (Shodan 2012), and Casey South (Shodan 2013).


Training Overview

The martial art of Iaido (e-eye-dow) is maybe best translated as “Japanese Swordsmanship”. It is the practice of handling a real (or almost real) Japanese Katana (Sword).

Iaido is a very traditional martial art and was developed by the Samurai when practicing for combat. What makes Iaido different from other sword methods is that the techniques are all defensive. You respond to a (surprise) attack by drawing your sword and cutting down your enemies.

As you practice Iaido, you will improve your self-discipline, concentration, coordination and strength.

In spite of its background, Iaido does not teach just killing. Through out the ages, Iaido has been converted into a more “spiritual” art. You now practice Iaido to develop yourself into a more harmonious person.

“To polish one’s skill with the sword is to polish one’s soul as a human being”

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