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About our Acupuncturist

Dana Harbison’s devotion to Traditional Chinese Medicine led her to the combined Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a study which includes theory and clinical practicum’s in Chinese herbology and Acupuncture at TriStates College of Acupuncture in New York City, one of the most prestigious body centered Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine programs in the United States. Dana Harbison MSOM  is a licensed acupuncture practitioner in the state of Pennsylvania. You can email Dana at dana@riveroflifecenter.com

Dana Harbison MSOM, is a certified practitioner of Acupuncture Oriental Medicine and teaching assistant  in Matt Callison and Steve Cina's Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification - an on-going continuing education program held in the United States at various locations (east and west coast). The focus of the certification is to treat athletes of all levels-pro, semi-pro, collegiate, high school or weekend warriors such that they will return to their respective sports as quickly as possible when injured. Many athletes receive acupuncture treatments on a regular basis to stay at the top of their performance and stay healthy  as well as rehab for injuries chronic and acute that come from their respective training regimens. Check the web site of this elite training program for acupuncturists for further information https://www.sportsmedicineacupuncture.com/find-a-certified-practitioner/.

Your first visit to Acupuncture @The River of Life Wellness Center will be a relaxing and rewarding experience.   During the first weeks of you will notice the subtle yet relaxing and beneficial outcomes from each treatment. The end result each time is an investment in your future health and longevity.
Dana recommends wearing loose, comfortable clothing which will allow you a comfortable treatment. It is very helpful if you are able to eat fruit or a snack about thirty minutes before your appointment. Also, we ask that you refrain from drinking alcohol the day of your treatment  and to limit exercise for the remainder of the treatment day.

Upon the completion of each session, Dana will discuss future treatment goals with you based on your condition, with an eye on always making choices in your life for improved health.

Dana feels if each of her patients would do three things daily will greatly improve the outcome – stay well hydrated-drink lots of water, rest regular hours  and finally breathe – take time to focus your attention of your breath – focus to breath in with the diaphragm and then breath out be contracting the abdomen.

Your first visit usually lasts 75 minutes. Follow up visits are approximately one hour.

Insurance Coverage

Some insurance providers do cover acupuncture, it is determined by your policy, so you will need to check your policy, you can do this by telephone or on the internet.  Your receipt from River of Life  provides you with the correct information needed  to successfully submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement should your policy include acupuncture treatments.

Cancellation Policy

Please give us at least 24 hours notice if cancelling or rescheduling an appointment to avoid a $50.00 charge at your next visit.