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Sensei Dwayne Bolt

Dwayne Bolt Sensei holds the rank of yondon (4th degree black belt), conferred by Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan. He started teaching aikido in 1997 and had trained with the original aikido sensei of River of Life dojo for ten years before opening Aikido Eibukan dojo in King of Prussia, PA, in 2005. In 2007, Aikido Eibukan moved to its current location in Jeffersonville, PA.


Bolt Sensei trains extensively throughout the country and the world, regularly studying with shihans such as Hiroshi Ikeda and Mitsugi Saotome. He has also made a point of training diligently and consistently with some of the highest ranking and most talented teachers in the world, including the late Kevin Choate Sensei of Chicago Aikikai, Dan Messisco Sensei of DanMessisco.com, Chuck Weber Sensei and Charlie Page Sensei of Baltimore Aikido, and William Gleason Sensei of Shobu Aikido in Boston, among others.


Bolt Sensei’s approach to aikido embodies the idea of minimal effort for maximum effect. Aiki comes first—the harmonizing of the energy of one’s own mind, body, and spirit through a proper, relaxed posture and a focused mind. He encourages his students to push past their comfort zones to achieve a deeper and more personal discovery of the art.

Dwayne Bolt, Aikido Sensei