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Black Belt Club


Black Belt Club Program Information

The Black Belt Club Program is designed to bring a child from the lower belt levels all the way up to Junior Black Belt. The Program takes approximately 4 years to complete:

One year of Basic Training (White to Red Belt)

Three years of Intermediate to Advanced Training (Red to Jr. Black Belt)

Students who qualify for Black Belt Club have shown they have the commitment, attitude, and skill to advance to great heights in their training! This is an opportunity that is NOT offered to all students!!

Black Belt Club students keep the benefits of Basic Members, PLUS:fun programs for children all year long at the River Of Life Center

• Special Classes for Black Belt Club Members ONLY
• Membership in a National Organization of elite students who are laser-beam focused on earning their Black Belts
• Eligibility to participate in demonstrations for schools and outside events
• Lessons in staff and wooden sword forms
• Monthly Street Smart Self-Defense class by the Dojo Chief Instructor
• Complimentary Half-Hour Private Lesson once per month