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Aikido and Karate Classes For Children at River of Life

fun children's programs at the River Of Life Center!
River of Life offers high-quality programs for children ages 4 through 16.

Little Ninjas - Children Ages 4 - 6
Our Little Ninjas Program (ages 4-6) is a great way to start a young child out in the martial arts. Lessons are based on skill drills, instilling children with 8 core character-building traits, including Focus, Discipline, and Coordination. Class sizes allow for individualized attention from highly trained instructors.

Kids' Basic Class - Children 7 and up
Children age 7 and up start in the Kids' Basic Class. In Kids' Basic, children begin by learning to increase their awareness, confidence, and posture. Rather than teaching them how to fight, they are taught how to stop a fight as quickly as possible. This is accomplished through redirection techniques and also by learning to align themselves to meet any given situation. The Kids' Basic Program typically takes one year to complete.

Black Belt Club
fun programs for children all year long at the River Of Life Center When a child demonstrates through attitude, effort, and understanding the skills necessary to continue to the higher ranks, they will be evaluated for our prestigious and nationally recognized Black Belt Club. Admission to Black Belt Club is at the discretion of the Chief Instructor of our dojo, but we strongly believe that every child has the potential to earn his or her black belt through consistence and persistence. Evaluations are done on a continuing basis, but a child may enter Black Belt Club as early as two months into his or her practice.

Karate Kids  

  • Self-Confidence 
  • Concentration 
  • Discipline 
  • Respect

Perfect for children ages 4-13, to get your child fit and focused!