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JuJitsu at River of Life

The Yamabushi ryu is a classical school of JuJitsu and Aiki jujutsu. We use a principle driven philosophy to teach a practical method of dealing with attacks that is time tested though centuries of unarmed combat. The techniques of JuJitsu are based on the Samurai arts of Ken jutsu, and Aiki jujutsu, the sword arts and the internal arts respectively, where solid principles prevail. JuJitsu uses attacks rather than defenses so that one may be ahead of the curve in a dangerous situation and we teach students how to handle the entire situation, not just the assailant. We encourage students to see the whole picture, to develop the skills to read a situation and provide multiple tools to deal with these situations.

Benefits of JuJitsu study include:

  1. Students develop leadership skills that can give one command of situation at hand!
  2. JuJitsu teaches students to use attacks rather than defense so that one may be ahead of the curve in handling a situation.
  3. Study of multiple elements of combat allows practitioners to successfully implement strikes (atemi,) and kicks, takedowns and throws, or grappling depending on the situation.
  4. Study of the traditional weapons of the Samurai and their translation to modern application (modern weapons and their use).


By combining historical principle and modern relevance, students will learn practical techniques that are effective in today’s environment and gain appreciation for true ‘art’ of a traditional Martial Art.

In addition the JuJitsu course, we also offer Ken jutsu classes that focus on realistic sword techniques. These techniques are practiced using training blade (boken) in one and two person kata, and also practiced with live blade (katana) in kata and ‘tameshigiri’ (test cutting).

Richard Robinson Sensei has been teaching in the Whitemarsh area since 1985 and is certified by Jujitsu America, an international organization whose standards are world renowned in the Martial Arts communities. Robinson Sensei’s former instructors include Prof. Wally Jay and Prof. Remy Presas. He continues to seek instruction today in the Art of Nami ryu with James Williams Sensei. Robinson Sensei is the only certified instructor in Nami ryu on the East Coast and North Eastern region at this time. In addition to his Martial Arts activities, Robinson Sensei is a father and grandfather and has been a Cub Master, Scout Master and Assistant Scout Master trained in leadership, survival skills and first aid, and brings those skills to fruition in his instructing.JuJitsu

Our school is a beautiful structure on three and a half acres in Fort Washington, Pa. with the Wissahickon running through the property. We have a mediation area next to the river where one may sit and sip tea from our martial arts store and transcendent trails though the property. The main dojo has an area 75′ by 40′ of training space covered by modern matting that has the traditional tatami style. Within the building there are two other training rooms so that several classes can occur simultaneously. We have large, separate, dressing rooms for both women and men and a full store for any necessary equipment.

If you have any further questions please call us at (215) 542-0102 and visit us at 321 Morris Road in Fort Washington, PA. 19034