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Ken Jutsu

Ken Jutsu at River of Life

Ken Jutsu, swordsmanship technique developed in ancient Japan, was used by the samurai on the battlefield. Kenjutsu is made up of sophisticated techniques of personal combat and strategy. Today we practice these techniques and their modern applications at River of Life. By adapting and applying ancient lessons we learn to find harmony in our modern lives. The ability to remain calm under pressure, to face one's fears with strength, to have clarity in the midst of confusion, and to surmount obstacles with grace; these things all add to the quality of our lives.

The school is small and personal, similar to the schools in ancient Japan. The focus is on teaching students according to their own ability. Dedication, training, and consistency are necessary ingredients in learning this art, along with the desire to incorporate its principles into your daily life. Classes are held throughout the week.

Richard Robinson Sensei is a kepponed instructor in the Nami ryu system under James Williams Sensei, and Williams Sensei visits River of Life periodically throughout the year.

For information about Nami ryu visit: http://yrjj.net/Namiryuinfo.html