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Mitsuzuka Takeshi Sensei

Mitsuzuka Takeshi Sensei and the San Shin Kai

Mitsuzuka Takeshi Sensei
1926 - 2008

Mitsuzuka Sensei began his training in Iaido on March 1, 1955 under the watchful eye of Nakayama Hakudo Sensei (founder of the style Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido). Nakayama Sensei was 85 years old at that the time and lived for another 3 years and died at the age of 88. Mitsuzuka Sensei founded the San Shin Kai and began teaching Iaido throughout the world. San Shin Kai means three planets the sun, the moon and the stars.

Mitsuzuka Takeshi Sensei passed away on March 6, 2008 at 10:29 am. He died of cancer that had spread throughout his body.

For more information about Mitsuzuka Sensei and the North American San Shin Kai, please visit their website: