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Sports Performance Enhancement

Acupuncture to Enhance Sports Performance

My practice of Sports Medicine Acupuncture offers you the athlete an edge. It allows you to maximize your level such that you gain insight, balance and endurance. Whether you want to improve or rehab, I am confident that ACUPUNCTURE can offer your desired solution. I have worked with many athletes over the years that have had great success with regular Acupuncture treatments. As one progresses with treatment, there is an experience of accumulation of recovery. This is why it is important to get regular treatments for not only injury but performance enhancement.

Every Athlete is looking to improve performance. If this is your goal, then you must begin acupuncture treatments. Whether you are competing in high school athletics, college, semi-professional, professional, olympic or the weekend warrior, Acupuncture has much to offer to your performance outcome. When you stress, strain, or injure yourself Acupuncture is the solution. Acupuncture will assist in the recovery process.

I enjoy working with athletes - I have been able to target specific injuries by isolating the muscular imbalances as well as personal causative factors. My patients report relief and a return of energies (also known as Qi- chee) such that injured tissues repair and recover quickly. Acupuncture can help you to stay well and maintain maximum performances. If you have an injury - acute, chronic or repetitive then Acupuncture will speed your recovery time such that you get back to doing what it is you love to do - train and compete!

Who wants to get better? You do! Call or email me dana@riveroflifecenter.com to discuss your specific questions and schedule your Acupuncture appointment today!