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Summer Camp

Check back for our 2015 schedule!


River of Life Martial Arts Summer Day Camp is a fantastic way for your child to spend the mornings while school is out for the summer! We’ll keep your child active during what can be an otherwise lazy time of year. They'll stay in shape and have fun while they improve their focus, learn how to show respect for others, and build teamwork skills.fun summer camp at the River Of Life Center!

Students will learn Aikido martial arts: the non-violent, non-competitive way of redirecting conflict without aggression.  Lessons cover self-defense, bully-prevention and anti-abduction skills, all while building your child's concentration, discipline, and fitness levels.

This year's planned events also include: exploring Japanese culture, ultra-fun games, special guest instructors, and many more exciting activities!!

Summer camp at the River Of Life Center

Approximated Daily Schedule: 9am–12noon
9am to 9:15am Stretching / Warming Up
9:15 to 10am Martial Arts Class #1 Basics of Aikido
10 to 10:15am Break
10:15 to 11am Martial Arts Class #2 Focus Class
11am to 11:30am Snack and Enrichment Activity
11:30am to 12 noon Enrichment Activity or Martial Arts Skill-Based Game
12noon Pick-up

Call us 215-542-0102 or email: RiverofLifeDojo@gmail.com for more information!