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Training in Iaido

Training in Iaido

As you begin your journey in the art of Iaido here at Iaido Seishinkan Dojo, you'll start with our Introductory Iaido Course. This consists of one week of lessons (3 classes). 

Upon completing the week of lessons, the student is then promoted to the beginner's rank of 5th Kyu (grade). Once you have "graduated" from our Introductory Course, as a new student we encourage you to achieve the next Kyu rank (or grade), and eventually complete the whole Kyu rank system.

There are 5 Kyu ranks (grades) in our Iaido program. These ranks are awarded from highest to lowest: 

5th Kyu (Beginner)
4th Kyu (Intermediate)
3rd Kyu (Intermediate)
2nd Kyu (Advanced)
1st Kyu (Advanced)

At each Kyu rank, students will be taught a set of different techniques and Katas (forms) that strengthen their skill with the Japanese sword as well as their physical well being.

Kyu rank testing is offered every 6 months. It is strongly encouraged that every student try to attended at least 2 out of the 3 classes per week. Upon reaching the rank of 4th Kyu, students will be asked to join the North American San Shin Kai, this is the governing body of our Iaido Program.

After completing the whole Kyu system (after the rank of 1st Kyu), students will move into the the mastery levels of the Black Belt ranks (known as DAN) starting with 1st degree black belt (1st DAN). Advancement though the DAN ranks are awarded from lowest to highest (ending up to 8th DAN). Students will be tested at each level by the North American San Shin Kai.

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Our course includes a free week of lessons!