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Yoga at River of Life

There are many wonderful benefits you can achieve through yoga practice.

  • Physical Benefits
    Through yoga your body will become toned, flexible, and strong. You'll experience improved respiration, energy, and vitality, all which can help to improve your athletic performance. Yoga can help you maintain a balanced metabolism and improve your cardio and circulatory health. It can also help to relieve pain!Yoga classes are offered at the River Of Life Center in Ft Washington, PA
  • Mental Benefits
    Yoga practice is a great way to help you learn relaxation and to manage stress. It can teach you how to quiet your mind in order to help you focus your energy where you want it to go - into a difficult yoga pose, on the tennis court or golf course, or in the office.
  • Spiritual Benefits
    Yoga builds awareness of your body, your feelings, the world around you, the needs of others.

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RoL now offers yoga from the littlest family members to adults! Interested in kids yoga? Call today to schedule a class!

Our Instructors:

Mary Duffy

Mary Duffy, M.Ed., RYT, has been teaching yoga for over eight years.  She received her 200 hour credential from Spanda Yoga in Princeton, NJ, an affiliate of the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, where she is currently completing her 500 hour certification.  Mary’s teaching style combines hatha yoga with flowing movement, drawing from her studies at Temple University where she received a Master’s in Dance Education.  She also teaches prenatal and mom and baby yoga at Abington Hospital.  Mary’s peaceful nature and love for sharing the wisdom of the path of yoga have given her a devoted following at River of Life.